Affiliate Program

If you’d like to help us spread the good word about Code Four Athletics, we’d like to reward you with some extra cash on qualified purchases!

Our soccer affiliate program provides an easy way for website owners to earn money by placing Code Four banners and other links on their site. When a visitor clicks through to and completes an online order, you'll earn 10% of that sale amount. We handle all details of the order including shipping, billing and customer service.

It’s free to sign up as an affiliate. Simply complete the online Affiliate Application through our partner, which includes all the instructions and details you’ll need including information on how you can track sales from your site, commission payments, links to upload, etc. Please note: Since we only serve customers in the United States, our affiliate program is only open to U.S.-based affiliates.

We reserve the right to disapprove and/or discontinue any affiliate relationships at any time. Commissions are only paid on legitimate orders placed online utilizing the links you generate through your ShareASale account. All orders are subject to the approval of Code Four Athletics; for example, fraudulent orders and orders for out-of-stock merchandise are not eligible for commission payments.

If you're a retailer, screenprinter or embroiderer with a customer looking for soccer uniforms and gear, send 'em our way and you'll earn a 10% referral fee on first-time qualified purchases! We handle all the work, you collect a check. What could be easier?

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate or referral programs, please contact our Marketing Director, Mike Carter, via email or at toll free 1-888-411-3687. Thanks very much.