Get Sponsored!


Score big with a sponsorship for your soccer team or club.

We've never met a soccer team that didn't want to save money. Nor have we met a business that wasn't interested in expanding its brand awareness. A sponsorship of a soccer team is the perfect 'win win' for everyone involved.

Soccer sponsorship jersey by Code Four AthleticsOur soccer jerseyssoccer uniforms and gear provide a great vehicle for local businesses to display their logo and promote their brand. From pizza parlors, to dentists, to banks to real estate agents, there are many businesses around town that work well for this type of partnership.

At the team level, it doesn't matter if you're a small rec-level squad or a powerhouse traveling premier club, you can always benefit from the cost savings of having a team sponsorship. We encourage teams to seek out these golden opportunities, since sponsoring a local soccer team provides many benefits to a company including raising brand awareness of the business name on team jerseys, jackets or other gear, plus other signage such as banners; drawing attention to a business via promotions, links on a team or club website; helping a company establish good will in the community through its show of supporting youth sports; and providing potential customers in the form of players, parents and fans that may be targeted for promotions, social-media engagement.

So if you're a business interested in sponsoring a team, let us know! Obviously we're a bit biased, but we think our Code Four soccer jerseys and soccer uniforms provide a top-quality way for a business to sponsor a soccer team.

If you're a team in need of a sponsorship, we encourage you to consider Code Four Athletics for your gear. In fact, we'll even loan out samples of our uniform kits for your next team meeting so you can see what we have to offer in person, and can even help with mocking up a photo of one of our jerseys including your potential soccer logo or sponsor logo.

Please contact us with your sponsorship inquiries, with questions or if you need any other information. Soccer sponsorships are a great way for teams to save money, for businesses to build their business, and ultimately, allow more kids to play the beautiful game. What could be better?