World Cup has its own version of the Olympic torch.

Posted by Code Four Athletics Soccer Gear on Apr 19th 2018

The faded soccer ball, covered with scratches and thousands of signatures, is a testament to soccer's power to bring the world together. Kings, prime ministers, monks and professional footballers have knocked the ball around. The Ball has been kicked and headed all across the world. The Ball travels from Battersea Park in London to the World Cup every four years, and it started a new journey on March 25.

It's not the same ball every time. Soccer's version of the Olympic torch begins life as a bog-standard version of the official World Cup ball and goes to the men's World Cup every four years, featuring in as many football matches and kickabouts as possible along the way.

And being autographed. Anyone who comes across the ball on its journey can sign it, so long as they do a header with the ball first. The ball is the main vessel of Spirit of Football, a non-profit based in the UK and Germany that aims to bring people together through soccer. Read more about this fantastic journey, and check out the video from the last World Cup sojourn in 2014.

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