What in the world is a Major League Soccer 'pool goalkeeper?'

Posted by Code Four Athletics on May 8th 2018

by Mike Carter

What in the world is a Major League Soccer 'pool goalkeeper?'

Just ask Billy Heavner. The Landisville, PA native is officially an MLS player and has a contract with the league to prove it. Every week he trains with Sporting Kansas City and benefits from most of the professional accoutrements that entails.

BIlly Heavner is an MLS 'pool goalkeeper'

But Heavner isn't officially on Kansas City's roster. In fact, he is a man without a team at all -- that is until a general manager somewhere decides he has a goalkeeper emergency and needs cover. Maybe there has been a glut of injuries to the keepers, perhaps a red card. Regardless, when a team's goalkeeping ranks get thinned, Heavner is the man who gets the call and he must embark for a new team at a moment's notice.

Check out Billy's story as MLS "pool goalkeeper."

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