The Olivia Moultrie soccer project.

Posted by Code Four Athletics soccer gear on Jul 3rd 2019

Olivia Moultie is a 13-year-old soccer phenom

Olivia Moultrie is a 13-year-old soccer phenom. Age thirteen is when most girls go through seventh grade, not to mention puberty. In the case of Olivia Moultrie, it's also when she signed a six-figure deal with Nike, becoming the youngest pro women's soccer player in the history of such things.

Originally from California, she and her family have since moved to Portland, OR to train with the NWSL Thorns as she begins what she hopes is her ascent to soccer stardom. Will she flourish? Will she survive? This in-depth story from Sports Illustrated examines Olivia and what is being called 'Soccer's Grand Experiment.'