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by Mike Carter

How Do I Help My Kid Get Better At Soccer? 

Clint Brasher's Soccer Thoughs Blog

We wish we had $1 for every time we heard this question, and honestly there is no one right answer. But a great place to start is Clint Brasher's Soccer Thoughts Blog where he addresses all things youth soccer. He's a long-time coach and father of five soccer-playing kids, so we think he knows what he's talking about.

Among Bruce's tips for improving your child's soccer skills: Improve their passion for the game. Watch soccer, and lots of it. Talk about professional soccer. Go to matches.

That's just the tip of this particular iceberg, so have fun exploring the rest.

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The Rising Point has a higher goal: using soccer to empower young people.

All of us at Code Four Athletics are delighted to to partner up with The Rising Point, a new Seattle-area organization dedicated to inspiring positive transformation in young people through teamwork, creativity and dedicated work. The Rising Point reaches out to teens in the Seattle area who have limited access to soccer training, and uses [...]

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Project Play Summit in Washington, D.C. tackles issues with kids soccer and other youth sports.

This past week Skye Eddy Bruce from our partner SoccerParenting.com attended the Project Play Summit in Washington D.C. organized by the Aspen Institute. More than 400 youth sports leaders including Billie Jean King, Michelle Obama and Anthony DiCicco participated in discussions about the "State of Play" in the United States. Seeking to re-imagine sports in America [...]

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Five calls to action for youth soccer.

by Mike Carter "We must not measure the development of soccer in the United States simply by the number of people who play soccer, rather, we must measure it by the number of people who love soccer. It is the people who love soccer that will, over time, elevate soccer to the status of preeminent sport [...]

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U.S. Soccer Grants Now Available.

by Mike Carter The U.S. Soccer Foundation awards grants on an annual basis to support both soccer programs and field-building initiatives in underserved areas nationwide. Grants are provided to support all aspects of the beautiful game - from assisting programs with operational costs to creating safe places to play. Click here for more general information on U.S. Soccer [...]

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